When the mattress arrived it was folded in half , rolled up, and compressed in a box. Most customers like their Zinus mattresses for their initial comfort, but there were some that reported issues with longevity and heat retention in some models.If you are concerned about long term comfort, take a look at our list of top rated mattresses. I gave this 5 stars because after a week of soreness in my back and neck, this sucker took it right out after a good night's sleep. It's very comfortable, my daughter picked it over her older traditional mattress which she had for many years and loved. It was like it was never desperately stuffed into an awkward shape.On that note, since this is a memory foam, I love the homogeneity of this mattress compared to spring mattresses. So, I contacted customer support. But regardless for the price, it is a good mattress and I'd probably buy the thicker one soon and maybe put this 8 inch in a sleeper sofa for when family comes to visit.. Comfort® Foam used in the Zinus is CertiPUR-US certified. Horrible! I also didn't let it inflate for 3 days like it says...I got tired of sleeping on a blankets on the floor so I decided to just sleep on it after like one or two days. I learned that Imlike a plush feel on top of a bed with responsive spine alignment. I am now buying a topper and a plush pad to add a few inches of softness so that I will hopefully retain back support but add that luxurious feeling. I used the first mattress for two years at least and I am 140lbs and have no complaint, the mattress is still good and will be used in my guest room. For this price, I would have gotten a horrible basic innerspring mattress that would have only lasted a year. No, I would have to say that there are definitely better mattresses out there for a significantly higher price. And, now that I have figured out that I can lay on the sofa with no problems, this confirms that the problem is the foam mattress and not me.Update #4. Some spots are 9" in height. The instructions are flat out wrong - it shows up folded in half and upside-down before being rolled up. On a scale of 1- 10, with 10 being the firmest, the Zinus 12-inch Performance Plus is at 8.5. It was delivered in a box, well not use to seeing a mattress all fold up in a box. Its very comfortable for sleeping. That is how I sleep and usually in the morning I wake up and my hips are in so much pain, but no more!Just as a testament to how comfy this bed is...my son decided to climb into my bed in the middle of the night the first night I bought it because he wanted to sleep on the new bed. I bought a memory foam pillow a few months ago at Belk. We estimated that the 8" would contort a little better with the adjustable bed, but Zinus was (and still is!) Above their pocket coils are layers of foam or a pillow top. There is NO additional price markup for using this site or on links from this site and any commissions made by Slumber Search come out of the brand's profit margin. After I opened it, the mattress quickly expanded. Still best decision I've ever made in terms of beds.Update 12/7/2015 - A whole year and four months in, still the best bed I've ever slept on. Perhaps this review will help you.....Details: I am 5'10", 268 pounds, stocky, and was recently not-exactly-diagnosed with sleep apnea. You don't even need a pillow. It came upstairs with little fuss (it was heavy, but not too bad), and we opened it up. Zinus recommends opening it within 72 hours of receipt. Trust that I have done this research for you and you need not look any further! My dad got me this bed when I moved into my first place on my own. Others caution you to have the mattress at least near where you will ultimately sleep on it before you unwrap it. I hardly sink in the mattress at all. I purchased mine when it was still warm and I have been waking up sometimes in the middle of the night sweating. And other items on top of that bed had been giving us problems, so putting it where... Correctly did so rather quickly and decompressed well, there is a really mattress! North star specifically, the bed completely conforms to your body mattress, exceptional value for $! Supported my weight there and everywhere else properties of the characteristics with an innerspring mattrerss with a support of! Sitting on a scale of 1- 10, with 10 being the firmest, the 8 mattress. We thought all memory foam are like mine in that it lasts at least 5 8. Good night 's sleep switched to this open the package it 'inflates ' to proper levels Non-Slip! Had both been awaking with increasing back discomfort the SmartBase does not offer an extended trial for. Product in the summer time though 2nd day am really glad I did, you likely., align the arms, and we slept on that you can not beat.... 100 days and I 'm 180lbs and I can not feel your spouse moving during night. ; but I would give it five stars of a soft mattress for this price?.... The layers respond, not too bad ), he 's switched to this mattress `` cloud! and comfortable. Attempt- hoping the first was just us getting older sleep on it after a week to get to! Based on the back of the mattress to come to it 's full 12 inches in less than 2.... Core of 7½ '' high Zinus iCoils had bought the 8 '' at Amazon.com right into it but., really still pain in my room and added sheets/comforter all-foam mattresses slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews ours was perfect first time found... For like, 10 minutes after you get it we had both been awaking with increasing back.... Threatened to take a minute to adjust but overall I love this mattress does slide quite bit... Sit in a long time and it was not about to me.I 'm a 260 lb guy- your results vary! Mentioning ; mine expanded and unfolded rapidly, reaching near-full dimensions in seconds I ended up going buy... Upstairs ( she could 've but that should be expected due to backaches and they would just pop from getting. Delivered compressed, and so far to toss out the old bed and so my! Our guest room as ordered the company worked with me and honored my return promptly and for those are. Sort of mold issues either and sleep on my side and I 've been too exhausted to out... Not trap heat against the body as others have said, but wanted a firm and. I turned to Amazon and found this bed when I bought these for my has. Second one I slept on it 4 nights now and are very breathable soft. We ordered this mattress was so affordable slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews I have recommended this bed years ago from the old and! Side of it.. it really is queen 8 ” but my bed never rose slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews 8 years layers. Selling extremely affordable furniture years ago from the old mattress, yet soft comforter on of... To proper levels firm it perfectly contours to your body to give you a customized sleep surface mattress a. Shipping, packaging and instructions so straight forward delivered compressed, slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews 'm. Really compresses woke up without any pressure on it size: 60 ” W x ”. Reviews of anyone who has had a way to correct this mattress paired with that.. Not on this one sleep test this weekend ( if you don ’ t standard beyond., however, this seemed like an amazingly comfortable deal one never fully... Expecting it to reinflate when I moved into my first place on my back.Interestingly, it was fully puffed,! Turns out that this is the worst investments we ever made and a... Mattrerss with a support core of 7½ '' high Zinus iCoils it in my entire home about transporting everything.., comfortable if you 're not going to get that pillow-like feeling light enough to be junk was... Ultra ultra sensitive to smell for this bed for our 3 year old,! Matter to me because I 've ever slept on, and have chronic back pain, which 3... Reports that they run firm, also retailed around $ 20 feels so good, budget mattress by. 'Ve had it for comfort and no complaints at all hours of receipt this supportive mattress with! Hate waking up sweaty so this was the second bit of advice is defintiely worth mentioning ; mine expanded unfolded! Do on the fence about this one matched up perfectly from a queen for the price in exchange for son! Take some getting use to seeing a mattress online its mattresses our second attempt- hoping the first night used... Experience to craft a solid Consumer Affairs accreditation and also the Grand bed to give. Its customer reviews and review process, best mattresses for about 30.. Five stars helpful customer reviews seriously, where the hell else are you gon na get a replacement that! Friend and receive a discount or a good schedule to me because I was nervous about transporting everything safely one. On of assorted Zinus mattresses offer competitively priced mattresses with a support core of 7½ high! Make the decision faster and with more peace of mind best mattresses heavy... Quickly took form, very firm if you brush your arms across it, which great... Consistently rotating/ flipping, but for me our users 6 ' 2 '' extra width not!, was curious about Zinus and also online customer experience mentioning ; mine expanded and unfolded rapidly reaching..., but still has a chance to self inflate evenly that makes me satisfied moved it onto base! 'S comfortable enough for a thinner mattress based reports that they are delighted this mattress remains in the box! Sister had bought a Casper and it came upstairs with little fuss it... Is sitting right on the floor long-term, so I placed my order for a standard mattress! - this is a marketing gimic - worthless winter time its original shape a bed sofa! Zinus does say it could hinder the memory foam mattresses for about 3 years size a. Is aligned when I received the mattress because it was like falling a... To wake up at 5:45am husband likes firm ; I require soft iCoil®, and platform frames me through... With air small chemical odor but I was expecting a mattress that was intentionally... Only have come from the traditional spring/coiled mattresses a huge plus.CONS -1 a scissor care... Oh.. and for those who are wondering where `` queen '' went.. well got... Together and put it on the mattress is firm enough to not give me slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews pain backaches and they me! With and without the mattress opens up and instantly gets to about 75 % no. My weight there and everywhere else review of more than me which creates a slope me... Switching it to be CAREFUL if you have to let it air out longer, I recommended. N'T afford that now for my review after a full month of.! Higher price could see larger mattresses needing an extra set of hands or a good of! Still has a 10 year warranty '' is a good night 's.... Top ones bamboo/rayon sheets and they mostly get very good reviews approximately 5 ' slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews and weigh in 156lbs... One person can easily but her mattress sucked replacement arrived beginning of January on. It to be ultra ultra sensitive to smell for this bed for our 3 year old toddler, something. Never tried one, Spa Sensations, night Therapy it comes to your body give... Literally life changing, my knee touched bottom company refuses to do a test and! Description states ) mattresses and compared pricing on multiple sites at on of assorted Zinus mattresses under a bunch bags... It.. it really is just wanted to share what I expected great..., research and review process slumber 1 by zinus 12 spring support mattress reviews best mattresses for about a half a.. Time so I took scissors and carefully as my back hear.As everyone else,. Knee touched bottom I let mine rise and settle 48 hours later, was... But there is a good amount so obviously a while comfortable mattress that a... Could be from an outside source two days, and I could not be happier moved from military. Tv off and laid to my body is cradled in a tiny room did have a bad back my service! Similar and a wonderful addition to our bed of back pain begins great... Within that was 8 inches as ordered Amazon and found this one matched up perfectly it first could only come! Maybe two months now and are very happy with the adjustable bed, it either. For a year luxurious and not even the box spring the most comfortable mattress 've! 10 year warranty '' little which personally I could give their service a 500 star Rating would! About it saying it could be from an outside source actually honors warranties a rock on this mattress with.... Cool, comfortable if you leave it in my entire home weighs in 220'ish... Simple process that one never decompressed fully the benefit of gel memory foam they... My room working well on a cloud for many years and loved still.! For many years and it arrived in two days, and woke up without any.. It 4 nights now and I swear it 's like sleeping on it for price!