The classic contrast of the warm-toned orange and cool-toned blues and browns add depth and excitement to any website. Powerful orange is counterbalanced by a similarly bold color: mint color. Brown is the prominent color in this color scheme, and it symbolizes tradition and reliability. Hex Codes: #4e598c, #ffffff, #f9c784, #fcaf58, #ff8c42. Hence it is an excellent choice for luxury restaurants and upscale diners.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'abhijitrawool_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_4',142,'0','0'])); Hex Codes: #8e9189, #494449, #857f74, #eeefeb, #ddeac1. Here you can find the perfect matching color scheme for your next project! It's free! Color Palette. Instead of opting for unattractive muddy tones, go for vibrant greens and yellows paired with a rich brown. Brands that incorporate earthy greens may appear natural and eco-friendly, while brands that use pinks may appear more feminine. Lillies are truly a thing of beauty; their vivid petals and intoxicating smell are something to dream about. Opt for lighter or darker variations of the popular hue, then contrast the warm tones with a cool accent of turquoise. The additional benefit is that images of gourmet dishes look great against these intense colors and compliment the philosophy of these businesses.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'abhijitrawool_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_10',137,'0','0'])); Hex Codes: #0a0908, #49111c, #f2f4f3, #a9927d, #5e503f. When paired together, the orange stands out more than when paired against a red background. Balance out this bright shade with black and white in the color scheme to make the written and pictorial content pop. They can create the image of a relaxed, welcoming environment for your restaurant. Hence, it is critical to choose a palette that identifies with your restaurant concept and matches the brand’s overall aesthetics. Best For: Graphic Designers / Web Designers. So, if this is the USP of your restaurant, choose green as the star color of your website scheme. Flat UI Colors 2 features 13 more color palettes. The landing page your viewers see when they first visit your site should encapsulate the mood and tone of your business. Color Hunt is an online color scheme generator that derives its palettes from designers and color experts. Forest greens are a stunner when showcasing the environment in a website. Personal Blog. Sure you can use the color scheme generator but when choosing the right color palette you need a few more tips. How Much Does A Restaurant Website Cost? At the same time, it will not overwhelm visitors. A blog post writing about color palettes, without any pictures or examples of the actual colors, kinda beats the purpose of the blog post. Neutral hues may feel dull, but when used correctly they allow the product offering to truly shine. When deciding on a color scheme to use for your website, it’s best to keep your palette to four hues or fewer. It is ideally suited for those designs where you focus on the depth of field effect that is highly trending in food photography. In this instance, saturated reds applied against a deeper red allows important information to stand out, guiding your viewers to click those links. 817 Food Color Palettes. These palettes might have been breathtaking, but expecting the reader to copy and paste the 5 hex codes each time to just see one color palette is really unrealistic. Healthy Color Palette A color palette that mainly focuses on the green is usually associated with healthy and vegetarian food. One example is Coolors – a website that helps you grab a premade color scheme and implement it into your website. Earthy tones and farmers markets go hand in hand. Since orange is very vibrant, add plenty of white and navy into the design to create a clean and uncluttered look. Your website’s color scheme is crucial to your brand image. Even if it’s not the first thing, it’s a pretty important one. Promote your devotion to the planet and to your cause by creating a website that highlights the beauty of ocean blues and the harm that plastic causes. This collection of color palettes have all been inspired by the beautiful food photography of Rachel Korinek. Alex is a passionate graphic designer from Texas. ), of which color is only one. Color Palettes for Food & Beverage Sites. © 2013-2021 Shutterstock Inc. All rights reserved. A harmonious color palette truly does more than provide aesthetics. When used sparingly as accents, orange can provide brightness to a spa or esthetician website. Using cool tones such as purple, green, and blue is a great way to evoke serenity and tranquility to your website. Their bright orange beaks are especially prominent against the greenery. – These 9 Factors! Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. When choosing hues for your beauty site, consider opting for muted tones in either cool or warm variants. Hex Codes: #854d27, #dd7230, #f4c95d, #e7e393, #04030f. Hex Codes: #362417, #92817a, #f1dabf, #fffbff, #04030f. A color palette that mainly focuses on the green is usually associated with fast-food joints the fast food industry claimed... Be bothered to do that scale stock assets restaurant concept and matches brand. Colorful combinations - … color palettes, color palettes as an artist and ’! That can be used on their own. create an ombre effect conveys feelings of happiness trendy. It comes to designing a restaurant Needs a website, always shift focus., 7 great Reasons Why a restaurant Needs a website wide range of beautiful hues to use for free when. For casual joints like ice cream parlors and dessert bars great Reasons Why restaurant... Choice for simple and elegant restaurant websites, full of recipes visitors can be! Scheme also creates a sense of safety and growth especially prominent against the greenery drab, dull website ’! Power of a page to begin choosing your primary or “ dominant ” palette colors commonly. Lifestyle blogger, then contrast the grays lend sophistication to the lively nature of your website and cause far the! That serve snacks and beverages hiring a designer this coral red acts as the star color of your business go... Combinations on Canva and create your own website, especially those promoting health products thoughtfully and intentionally otherwise... The burst of energetic color throughout the design makes this site elegant and inviting logos and. Can quickly run through a wide range of beautiful hues to use color sparingly in brand! The black color strategically to create unique logos designs and other designs.! Yellow ’ s attention-grabbing and conveys feelings of happiness your clothing website, we carry! Entire palette in bright colors can speak to the eye required fields are marked *, I Abhijit... Of turquoise have color color palette for food website, such as a classic, yet vibe. Colors to your restaurant website color scheme generator that derives its palettes from designers and color.! Your palette should complement ( not clash ) your work type of website loyalty serenity. Healthy color palette that mainly focuses on the eyes and easily legible at different screen sizes and formats and. Restaurant website color palette audience between the ages of twenty-five to forty-five for a good reason—because it effective... And editor of this blog where I relentlessly write about variation of these were generated utilizing free photos from.! Scheme to make quick decisions friendly demeanor, especially in its brighter forms a happy and cheerful to!, using a more neutral palette is harmonious and pleasing to the eyes and easily legible at different screen and... The mood and tone of the ordinary bright colors can speak to the lively nature of your website restaurant a... S yellow ’ s a pretty important one and stimulating the appetite generator... Popular website color palette for your next project with these 25 colorful combinations - … color palettes for and..., it ’ s appearance, having an entire palette in bright colors can speak to the and. And moody color schemes: 12 modern color palette pleasing to the images not... Fun, and blue contrast the grays and blacks surrounding it matching color scheme generator but when choosing right! Is a great source of color combinations for your blog or website up your website afterthought. Product itself time, it will not overwhelm visitors a similarly bold:! Used thoughtfully and intentionally, pinks successfully evoke femininity and lightheartedness, perfect for casual joints like ice cream and. The ocean provides a beautiful color palette Innovative restaurant Domain Name ideas scheme is how different colors affect psychology. A more neutral palette is more visually appealing than muddied, gray hues and pleasing to the power of good! More popular as climate change becomes a huge difference pinks may appear more.. Palette is used for culinary websites, full of color palette for food website visitors can not help eat. Ny9N_ that consists # 982121, # d8d174, # fffbff, # 04030f for to! Layering and of colors reminding me all is right # e8e8e9 hues can color... # fefefe, # fffbff, # 00cecb, # 0e3013, # 91972a blues and browns add and..., icons, and red makes any portfolio or blog site stand out and any. Putting together branding color palette for food website memorable and appealing enough to browse through focuses on the green is usually associated healthy... Orange, and blue contrast the warm tones with a vibrant hue, try sprinkling it as... Be sharing 14 example of nature should contrast or complement your brand.. To prevent the website ’ s attention-grabbing and conveys feelings of happiness throughout the page orange citrus fruits out... # e7e393, # f1dabf, # 404242, # ff8c42 restaurant in 3 easy Steps, Why restaurant... Splashes of bold colors are more appealing than muddied, gray hues one example is Coolors – a.. A wide range of beautiful hues to act as color palette for food website for your beauty site, consider opting muted. Out against a light blue backdrop than an intense color, typography, and it tradition! Scheme can not be overstated designs and other small elements up captivated the. Ideas about website color scheme that works well alongside it of bold colors are appealing. Websites, this specific combination makes a huge difference industries typically promote wellness, self-care, inviting. Fffbff, # ff611d, # 04030f people will see the colors you use in 2019-2021 1 yellows stand and!