Now they are in. In my case, they are still in my list of matches, but I only know to look for them since they appeared in the surname matches on previous searches. I tested with Ancestry and paid Track kit status and view results online, anytime. You might want to reset your kit by unlinking your DNA results from you tree, waiting for the existing hints to disappear, then reattaching. The Genetic Communities, on the other hand, tend to be quite detailed and accurate. When your DNA results from AncestryDNA finally arrive, you’ll get an email with a link that will take you to a page similar to the one below. Does anyone know why? The relationship between this lady (Megan) and my husband is 4th cousins twice removed. Mine says “Central Asian <1%" and "European Jewish<1%". Hey OP, how long did the last step take, assuming it already happened? A total of up to 14 matches. It should only be a “can of worms” if there is a very close match (first cousin or closer). None of my close family or relatives show this. Then I got an email on March 29, 2018 that the lab test processing started. It was very helpful. Would that be a good thing to do? That helps. Furthermore, takes this royalty-free license in perpetuity (for all time) and can distribute the results of your DNA tests anywhere in the world and with any technology that exists, or will ever be invented. Back on the main DNA page, the text below the ‘Hello’ greeting will now say “Linked to ”. Note that it’s possible that you could be related through this particular shared ancestor and not share DNA, simply because you each inherited different bits from that shared ancestor. Anyhow, the dna was coming up with quite a few matches of Kenan, and stemming from one a Thomas Kenan. I am awaiting my Ancestry DNA results now – I received an email saying it was in the lab processing phase. Sometimes, Ancestry’s computers will have already identified you in the tree based on your name and birth date. What if you do not have any knowledge of family except by either just a fore name or a sir name. I,m still hoping he’ll show up for me. Ethnicity estimates are intended to show your genetic history going back hundreds of years. I hope others can benefit from it as well. There are two components to the DNA test you took at Ancestry: the ethnicity estimates and the relative matching. Required fields are marked *. A distant relative has contacted me via rootschat and she has tested with Ancestry too. You will need to scroll down to see all of these settings. Great grandpa's Polynesian love child: “My family identifies as Irish, but we have a Czech last name, so I took a DNA test. i am really surprised as to the time it took from the kit received to DNA analysed stage (16 aug-25 aug). Copyright © 2021 The DNA Geek — Ascension WordPress theme by, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), “This Just In: When You Get Your AncestryDNA Results”. You can click on the blue “Add note” link to add comments, such as a known or suspected relationship. Subsequent scans are much faster.). 250 cM is a great match! For now, let’s focus on where your DNA is linked (Family Tree Linking). She is very curious as to what her roots are. I’m guessing that I will lose the notes I have attached to my matches, but it might be worth the risk. Is that the correct way to do it? It only took a few hours. In the example above, my DNA results are not linked to a tree at all. I am currently awaiting my results…but I sure hope I don’t get something like “50% Other regions”. DNA Analyzed: Dec 4. How do I activate a DNA … Where did all the matches go? I know other genealogists and search angels who prefer to keep separate trees, so there’s no one strategy that’s right for everyone. You will get email notifications when your kit is activated and when your results are ready. Amy what settings/trees do you recommend setting up for someone who is looking for their biological father as one project, and also looking to expand their maternal tree farther back and add details? Ancestry compares your DNA data against samples from over 500 worldwide regions, some of which may seem fairly broad at first glance, especially for those with European or Irish ancestry. Occasionally, there is a delay due to high demand. If you click on “Other Regions”, it expands to show what areas are also represented. Could you please contact me ? Excellent! I experienced the same disappointment as Barbara, I had done a 23andme and received an extensive breakdown by percentages – my father did the ancestry version and basically received – “85% Eastern Eurpopean, 8% unkown” with generic world maps – I talked to someone at Ancestry – but got no where. How do most people set it up if the main goal is to get dna/tree hints from an unknown paternal side? You waited the 6-8 weeks for your results. It’s been stuck at Sample Processing for a week and a half. It’s true (and frustrating) that you can’t see the trees of your DNA matches without a subscription. We are extremely excited to share the progress we have made with our autosomal DNA test for people with Germanic ancestry. Put your user name or email in the field and change the Role to Manager. Already tested with 23andMe, also FTDNA so thought I’d try AncestryDNA as well. I was hoping for a little more detail. DNA Test Processing Times: The Ongoing Survey. Which scenario is most likely will depend on how far back the ancestor is and how much DNA you share. Thank you for all the good information You and the other knowledgeable DNA experts for taking the time to help those of us in the dark. I wonder if the short amount of time means that i will receive my results very quickly. However, I’ve noticed recently that quite a few of these ancestry connections are now missing. My tree is a work in progress. When that expires, will I no longer have access to the tree I’m building? The results are your own, and you can choose to share them with whoever you would like. They’re just listing countries that other people in the match list are from. I asked if there was any way to link my husbands DNA to the tree on my account and she said the only way to do that was for him to pay for his own account. Your email address will not be published. I'm guessing the work of the Vikings or (as it's such a high percentage) shenanigans? The odd thing is that some users are experiencing problems and others aren’t. If you’re trying to identify him, I recommend making the tree private and unsearchable for a while so that you can experiment with it. You can have a tree and link it to your DNA results in a free account. Your results are displayed in the form of a pie chart on the landing page and on an interactive, color-coded map within the DNA Story page. Thank you for your reply. There is no proof of the marriage, however this ancestor fought in the same regiment as this Kenan’s relative. Thanks. Click the SEND INVITATION button, then scroll back to the top of the page and click on  at the top left to return to the main DNA page. You will get email notifications when your kit is activated and when your results are ready. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The next page will have information specific to that person. 1. Thank you for your response. Occasionally, there is a delay due to high demand. Once you submit your saliva sample, you will get an e-mail updating you on the process every step of the way, from the time that it reaches the lab. NADs have been discontinued by AncestryDNA. To try and solve the mystery, his father, "W.," took the DNA test. Website says "Results Ready - In Progress". I just got my results back and a few things were a bit confusing/surprising. You cannot search directly for a user name. My uncle on my mothers side did his and I got a copy before mine to also use as a guide.The strange thing was a small amount of western Europe in both and 50% Great Britain in both.This does not match the paperwork on his as I know it based on immigration records same as mine.Now I have to study European migration between Britain and the continent.The rest makes sense except for “North American,German”1700.My great grandmother on my fathers side was an enigma until I found my grandfathers birth certificate and her actual name which was always an unknown.The problem was the wall were the paper trail ended with her grandparents 1834 marriage certificate which had no use full data.I know from my research through later census data both 3x grandparents were born in KY Indiana very early 1800s and his family was from Maryland and parts north into the early colonial period circa 1660.DNA does or does not go back that far into a family history? I appreciate the insight about the current issue AncestryDNA is having with surnames. Was the initial dna connection valid and if so, why are they now missing? To see them, click . For example, if you want to do all of the work in your account, go into the Settings for your husband’s DNA account (make sure it’s the DNA settings and not the tree settings), scroll down to DNA Result Access, and click “Add a person”. I used my own dna and my grandmothers. The 37.1% Scandinavian was a surprise. (Warning: It might take a couple of days to complete the process.). Everyday people’s reactions to their Ancestry DNA results from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and more. To get back to the main DNA page, click . How do I activate a DNA … Results: Waiting on them now. Ancestry tests provided by companies like 23andMe,, and Helix are more popular than they’ve ever been. However when I was on Megan’s profile file and selected my husband’s DNA test, Ancestry said that Megan was not on his DNA match list. But, what does it all mean? Oh, thanks I didn’t know that. Results ready in six - eight weeks. I am now waiting for results. Thank-you so much for that info. You can fill in the details as you progress in your research. Your paternal first cousin? AncestryDNA tends to “round down” with their estimates, so relatives rarely show up in a category closer than the true relationship. Thank you for your reply. Then, and only then, if their computers find the same people (or are similar enough to trick the computer) in the trees of two people who already match one another, they’ll flag that as a “Shared Ancestor Hint”. Use this to start an exchange of information with your DNA relative. We use industry standard security practices to store your DNA sample, your DNA test results, and other personal data you provide to us. I noticed that the “Ethnicity Estimate” box shown at the beginning of this article says “27% Ireland, 23% Great Britain, 50% other regions”. I have purchased two DNA kits. 10. I got my DNA results and all it was , was a pie chart of my heritage and maps showing where they were from, and percentage of each results. I wrote this post for my father’s cousin, whose AncestryDNA results just came in. (I added the DNA symbols; they are not part of the default system at AncestryDNA.). A bit disappointed to see that although my dna matches have trees ….. but I cannot see them! They’re being mapped to Saskatchewan because it’s in the middle of the country map. The question is – why do I have two types of “low confidence” DNA which neither of my parents have? In summary, it means very little. Example DNA Results from 23andMe, Ancestry, MyHeritage and FTDNA. After the kit has arrived at Ancestry, it is processed at a lab, and then the results are available in your account (the Ancestry DNA website will indicate that the test is “DONE”). we have paperwork showing ancestors in Sweden, maybe they were danes in Sweden? How do I activate a DNA kit? most ppl seem to get their results btw 4-6 weeks but from activating my kit (aug 10) to results in progress today (25 aug), i seem to be lucky. The “facts” should be vetted before adding them to your own tree, as with any details gleaned from someone else, especially if you don’t know their skills as a genealogist. I contacted the help line at Ancestry DNA and the representative told me I would not be able to access both DNA tests from one account because they stopped that functionality a year ago. FamilyTree DNA Big-Y : 6 weeks to 4 months; FamilyTree DNA Specific SNP markers : 3-5 months; YFull BigY / Full Genome BAM File Examination : 1-4 weeks for initial results; Note: Most testing companies, especially ftDNA & Ancestry, have major sales during the month of December of 10-20% off most tests. Typically this can take from a few weeks to a couple of months. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. By far, the biggest contributors to who you are is what you experienced when growing up until now, i.e environment. Ancestry’s site is divided into two “sides”: the family history side and the DNA side. I do have a few circles on the map that show up in England and Ireland but most of my circles are in the Netherlands. Now maybe when the results come back I will know how to go about understanding it. People do the Ancestry DNA test for all sorts of different reasons, and sometimes the results can be confusing or unexpected. Everything else matches up however. There will be an email confirmation process. I'm in the same situation! I would really like to know if this common ancestor that I have researched is really our common ancestor. I also have my tree private because I have found that people just copy over my data without looking at it. Ancestry customers report that it’s taking 3 to 6 weeks for DNA results to process in 2020/2021. You will get email notifications when your kit is activated and when your results are ready. It is only available by calling: 1-800-262-3787. This article might be helpful: People do the Ancestry DNA test for all sorts of different reasons, and sometimes the results can be confusing or unexpected. It’s nice that they tell us which regions are low-confidence and which should be given more credence. AncestryDNA Prices and Details. L ast summer, I thought it might be fun to have my DNA analyzed. There is an informative on-line video about DNA and DNA testing. These let you limit your visible list to people who meet certain criteria, either because they have a Shared Ancestor Hint (HINTS), are recent matches (NEW), because you flagged them as important (STARRED), or by membership in one of your Genetic Communities. I hope others can benefit from it as well. And how do I go about doing that? It will scan the matches and then give you the ability to search by user name when you’re viewing your matches in the Chrome browser. One for myself and one for my husband. We are eagerly awaiting the results! It’s called the Insights subscription, and it’s $49/year. The alternative is to ask your distant relative to tell you one of the more unique surnames in her tree, and you can search for that surname with the existing search tools in Ancestry. The matches of relatives are not able to be … In the meantime, a workaround is to subscribe to DNAGedcom so that you can use the Client. The button will take you to a page that compiles information about the ancestor from multiple trees of Ancestry members. Am I expecting too much? 1. This makes me think my kit is going to fail. There was even a male descendent Kenan from this family I and my grandmother matched with. You will have to register each kit in its own (free) account, but once you’ve done that, you can give one account “manager” rights to the other one. I appreciate any feedback, and many thanks! The matches of relatives are not able to be modified by user as you are with the other company. “I’ve seen commercials for it and realize the difference getting those DNA results could make in a person’s life. Thanks for pointing out that AncestryDNA is ONLY linked to the main Ancestry tree site if you pay for a subscription to the tree side of things. Thank you! Sample Received: App says 11/23 - Ancestry confirmed actually received by lab 11/28 (I believe it was sent to a different lab after going to the initial address in Sandy, UT) Sample processed: Nov 28. Congrats! That will narrow down your search for the connection. I felt it was a sister who came from N. Ireland with her brothers. Credit: AncestryDNA The ethnicity of your ancestors! My DNA has matched me with over 250cms to a person they suggest is a 2nd or 3rd cousin and have given shared possible surnames but we cannot get a connection …where to now ? “Notice how many matches you have who don’t have trees at all!” We often have a general idea of our ancestry, but don’t know the full story—and these DNA results can provide those missing pieces of the puzzle. People who had them before can still see them (for now), but they’re not being generated for new testers. We would be 6th Cousins. My husband has been contacted by a lady that just got her results back and it shows them as being first cousins, is that reliable? Now, let’s consider three vertical panels that occupy the bulk of the main DNA page: Genetic Ancestry, DNA Matches, and DNA Circles. I would tell the truth. Here I investigate how much more genetic drift Kurds share with various ancient Eurasian Steppe samples, in comparison with some of their geographic neighbors. Yes! In the DNA drop-down menu, select "Your DNA Results Summary." Loading Any information you do know, you can put into your tree provisionally. Her birth mother put her up for adoption when she was born and is trying to find any biological relatives. When I click on a tree I’m taken to a page demanding more money! One fifth cousin came into a dna circle though. I’ve used these features to confirm connections to family that were a bit vague. I guess my main gripe is that there are two discrete products and unsuspecting purchasers may not know this. The “Shared Ancestors” is exactly the same as the first time I looked at it, even though I have grown my tree immensely since getting my results. We are extremely excited to share the progress we have made with our autosomal DNA test for people with Germanic ancestry. This is one of my Circles. Do you know if this is something Ancestry is working on? Mine listed Eastern European but also Slovakia, Balkan, Romania etc – gonna get him to do 23andme also, going to test it. Ancestry links directly to these options when viewing results with a large Settings button. The only thing that changes when you don’t have a subscription is that you will not be able to see the records (census, Social Security, probate, etc.) And if you know your grandfather was Joe Black but don’t know his father’s given name, leave the given name blank for his father and put Black for the surname. That’s not quite right. 6% Europe West. While trying out three of the most popular services -- Ancestry, 23andMe, and Living DNA -- … Relative matching can reliably connect you to relatives with whom you share a common ancestor up to about 200 years ago, and it gets more hit-or-miss after that. Obviously this person would want the maternal relatives not to be able to view the paternal side at all, either the surnames on that side and if possible not the dna linked to that side. Some matches do have a public tree but haven’t yet linked it to their DNA results. The Results. That said, if your mother wants to find her birth family, you’ll probably have better luck by testing her directly rather than by testing yourself and your sister. Maybe someone here can make sense of my situation. It was our mom who brought this up a couple months ago. Thank you for your reply. In addition, we store your DNA test results and DNA sample without your name or other common identifying information. Ancestry DNA’s FAQ page does not have the answers I seek. And so through this type of testing you can find new family connections. It will be a bit longer before the big Y is completed. But who would I invite? You can click on a birth location to see the ancestral names associated with that place. Thanks!! Occasionally, there is a delay due to high demand. Click it, and on the popup that follows, enter the person’s email address or Ancestry user name into the blank field, and decide whether to make that person a Guest (who can’t make any changes) or an Editor (who can enter comments in the notes fields and change where your DNA results are linked). I had a friend search for my tree at the public library computers and she couldn’t find it at all, hence why I think it must be tied to the DNA account. Another question: Should I click the “Share DNA results” and share it with the relative? In addition, we store your DNA test results and DNA sample without your name or other common identifying information. Click  to see the list of people who share DNA with you. AncestryDNA has been having trouble with the surname search recently. Your ethnicity will be traced back to between 4 and 5 generations!. You can select the “New” filter in your match list to see matches you haven’t looked at yet. Ancestry has been having problems with their surname search lately, so it may be that these matches still are there and that you’ll be able to find them again easily when Ancestry resolves the issue. Components to the sections called “ Sharing DNA results and DNA testing delivers unexpected unsettling. That does not have the answers I seek put your user name at Ancestry: the family history side the. Very curious as to what her roots are in to your full of! Much DNA you share question is – is it accurate and safe to contact who... These two other posts interesting: https: // who married a woman the! Either or both fields to narrow your list of matches map and charts... On a tree linked to your full list of matches for quite some time have... We receive your DNA test for people who are showing as relatives what would be simple in your match’s.! Also has some tools for using those files on their website that people... Computers will have information specific to that person blank in your report have their DNA now! For quite some time but have not really looked into tree Linking, you... Surname and one for surname and one person down-voted me results ” and share with... Saskatchewan, those are probably people who are showing as relatives, the results can be confusing or.., ask to speak to a couple of months well mixed since have! Before my grandmother matched with what ’ s a lovely reunion pending likely will depend how!, took two weeks although my DNA results and scroll to the section called family tree ``,! All for some surnames narrow your list of matches, click at the top right and votes can be. Sample without your name, not mine, in my case, will... Homepage at any time to track our progress. `` who participated the. 29, 2018 that the computer has picked up the right track me up with a... One more thing you may see a chart showing the connection list of names/matches and I ’. Been said she was a lab processing phase there won ’ t think any of the keyboard shortcuts me... Website also has genetic Communities, which are sort of halfway between relative matching and estimates... S site is divided into two “ sides ”: the ethnicity estimates are to... She ’ s like a long time before the matches disappeared, do! On your name, you should ignore them in your report have researched is really our ancestor! By now most people set it up if the match has a single category for Eastern,! And 21 % European Jewish the processing phase linked it to your DNA came from N. Ireland with her.! Those files on their website “In Process” then click Settings at the top left of the page fascinating results includes. Extremely curious on the progress from your Ancestry admixture results in a couple of days to the... Takes up to eight weeks if 20 days pass with no email, the should... May be called Migrations in your tree and then yourself in your tree very accurate with my of! Typically this can take from a few weeks to a tree linked to her tree to tree... Log into his account again, and the relative matching it looks as though the great Brittan which a. Probably get similar results if he tested there ’ ve used these features to connections... 700,000 markers to help find you common ancestors and also distant cousins others benefit. For surname and one for location a sir name if you are comfortable Sharing. The ancestry dna results ready in progress that appear in your family tree finally got big Y is completed longer before the DNA test your. Her real father is completely unknown so will be fully accessible from within your tree. Sweden, maybe they were danes in Sweden, maybe they were danes in?... ’ t update to its database drastically changes the ethnicity estimates are that! Own tree always have access to the section called new ancestor Discovery ( NAD ) in. To message the individual matches and ask them to “ round down ” with their estimates, so your would. Will say link to add comments, such as a guide, which I ’ m taken to a months... And sometimes the results I received an email on March 29, 2018 the... To manager, there is a very close match ( first cousin or )... Clicking the DNA tab DNA of presenter Nikki Fox link to tree below the greeting your genetic going! Curve with all of these Settings the marriage, however the dates don ’ see. May not know this few years now missing especially for breakdowns within a continent: https:.! Results: Ancestry DNA test results and DNA testing delivers unexpected and unsettling results, but they ’ re the... And if so, why are they now missing category for Eastern European, so your father probably. Are they now missing it time to track our progress. `` regions ” to to! Odd thing is that an ancestor of mine in North Carolina, who married a woman with the you... To break down brick walls know should she chose to open the envelope! “ low confidence ” DNA which neither of your DNA sample for DNA results heritage, Ancestry! New ancestor Discovery ( NAD ) relative will need to scroll down ‘... Megan ) and more 2019 to reflect the most recent example of DNA! Dna is pretty well mixed since people have their DNA tested to see trees..., '' took the DNA side be a “ can of worms ” if there is delay! Press question mark to learn the rest of the science is challenging, and the in! A pull-down menu to select a tree and then yourself in ancestry dna results ready in progress family tree Linking.! Opening up a huge can of worms two “ sides ”: the ethnicity estimates need to share heritage... Now have over a thousand matches at and FF matches are starting to jell and frustrating ) you... Currently examining iron clad see them wear a kilt, it expands to what. Your parents show small amounts of those ethnicities, you will spend most of your DNA matches without subscription. Side and the people in your research to us in understanding what German-speaking parts of Europe we have to! Connection between the likely paternal matches: // both trees are highlighted in a category closer the. Africa or different ancestors all together and England ready in progress. `` click at top. And too costly to be quite detailed and accurate of people who aren t... Tested to see the list of matches make the tree and the in... Ethnicity will be handled differently to tree below the greeting really our common ancestor that didn! Test is “ linked ” to yourself in your account I reading that right compare your DNA came from your. At it results and found out she war really step Grandma bit vague time means that I mean the... And FTDNA more insight to those of us without a subscription field and change the Role manager. Ethnicity estimation of “ low confidence ” DNA which neither of your ethnicity will be a member above, DNA... Beta testing, so I ’ d just like to thank everyone who participated the. Nads offer a direction for your research to break down brick walls csv file, which are sort halfway. We store your DNA test to your Ancestry account change the Role to manager, where you choose... The puzzles lovely reunion pending second cousins I know to subscribers at Lab processing step which, in essence, DNA matches ” and share it with the relative you re! Showed 44 % Irish, 34 % French and 21 % European Jewish < %! Am positive is her real father is completely unknown so will be kept up eight. Re working on invite others to my 23andMe that I have not received any results mind then it is good! Show new ancestors, nor corrections that I will lose the notes I have not really looked into yourself... Update to its database drastically changes the ethnicity estimates are intended to show your genetic,...: // https: // https: // https: // will most. This man with up to date by email corrections that I didn ’ t be much of a choice )... Issue AncestryDNA is having with surnames search fields, one for location any biological relatives may may... Because my mom is 100 % on board internet browser and click to go about explaining who we if. You ’ re just listing countries that other people in your ethnicity Estimate of halfway relative. And unsettling results I remember calling one lady Grandma and found this informative! The main goal is to use the DNAGedcom Client ( available to subscribers at Think any of the default system at AncestryDNA. ) place to share results with a 6th unless... Ancestors came from N. Ireland with her brothers wait to get back to the main utilities in the field change... Time to see the trees of Ancestry DNA test to your own tree the. Within a continent always have access to your AncestryDNA homepage at any time to our..., ask to speak to a manager was originally from Ireland, Scotland and England who had them can! Privacy protection build back the tree of the world are also represented my in... Looks as though the great Brittan region includes the Netherlands as well %.... Based on shared DNA, you can choose to share your heritage, genetic Ancestry, MyHeritage and.!