It assists with the development of an effective stakeholder communication strategy and maps the influence of key stakeholders: high power and low interest to low power and high interest. Stakeholder Analysis Christian Nielsen Live & Learn Environmental Education * * Stakeholder any person, group or organisation who can be positively or negatively impacted by, or cause an impact on, the actions or activities proposed Stakeholder analysis Aim: Identify the stakeholders and assess how they are likely to be impacted by the project. Stakeholder Analysis. A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Stakeholder Analysis. Thus, we offer you an entire set of professionally made ready-to-use slides. The PowerPoint PPT presentation: "Stakeholder Analysis" is the property of its rightful owner. Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - 1-2 Stakeholder Analysis.ppt Author: steuletc Created Date: 11/1/2005 13:16:9 Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? Stakeholder Analysis PowerPoint Template is a fully editable PowerPoint template for stakeholders. From identifying who your stakeholders are, to have them come up with their power, influence and interest, pre-designed Stakeholder Analysis PowerPoint Template will prove most beneficial. To improve the chances of organizational success Making a change in a company Starting or ending a project Starting a new position Description Process to identify individuals, groups or organizations Two types of stakeholders, primary - directly affected and secondary - indirectly affected. This PowerPoint template comes in five design variations and is 100% customizable. A stakeholder analysis is a process of systematically gathering and assessing qualitative information about stakeholders to categorize their relative importance as actors and develop strategies on how to involve them in the development and/or implementation a HiAP policy or programme. If you prefer to start your stakeholder mapping process from scratch, rather than use stakeholder map templates or stakeholder matrix templates, you … The first slide will introduce the presentation, while the second will go into more detail regarding both internal and external stakeholders. Stakeholder Matrix found in: Business Framework Stakeholder Management Theory PowerPoint Presentation, Stakeholder Mapping Powerpoint Slide Inspiration, Stakeholder Analysis Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Slide Download, Stakeholder.. Transcript: Question? Gendered roles and responsibilities in a land use planning process are also essential considerations that will have important and long-term impacts in the equitable and … Useful tools include: ‘Stakeholder Influence Mapping’, ‘Stakeholder Power Analysis’ and ‘The Four Rs’. 13 diagrams with stakeholder diagram illustrations: onion diagram for explaining levels of layers, identification analysis and distribution diagram, power / interest matrix grid for stakeholder prioritization, centric onion chart, levels mapping template. A Stakeholder Analysis is an important process that needs to be handled carefully. . A template that can be used by LibreOffice online, OpenOffice, Microsoft office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) or Office 365. Root Cause Analysis Template by Expert Toolkit - Use Expert Toolkit's Root Cause Analysis Template to help you get to the heart of business problems fast. This is the template Power / Interest Grid for Stakeholder Analysis.